Experimental and mathematical car-bicycle collision simulations

SAE Technical Paper 881726


Huijbers, J.J.W.; Janssen, E.G.




The results of 35 mathematical simulations will be used to get a better insight in car-bicycle collisions. This information will be used later on to formulate hypotheses to be tested in an accident investigation project. In this paper special attention is given to the influence of the shape of the car and the dimensions of the bicycle/cyclist on the severity of the impacts. It is known that the speed of the car at impact is an important parameter in the resulting injury severity of the cyclist. But the determination of this speed after an accident is often difficult. The results of earlier performed tests conducted with dummy and cadaver cyclists in collision with cars are used to get a better understanding of the influence of the shape of the car and the dimensions of cyclist and bicycle on the throwing distances of the cyclist and the bicycle. With this information a more reliable estimation of the speed of the car at impact, based on the throwing distances, can be made. (A)

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Proceedings of the 32nd Stapp Car Crash Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, October 17-19, 1988.



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Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Warrendale, PA


October 17-19, 1988, Atlanta, Georgia