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Naturalistic Driving Workshop in word and image

On Thursday 6 April, SWOV organised a workshop for road traffic professionals on Naturalistic Driving. The discussion during the interactive workshop focused on what this research method is all about and its added value or even what it's added value could be.

In presentations it was explained what naturalistic driving means, how data has been collected and which questions the data can provide an answer to. In the SWOV parking lot, the functioning of the cameras and data storage were demonstrated in in a truck and in a car.

The workshop was organized in the framework of the European project UDRIVE. For a period of two years, UDRIVE data has been collected of cars, trucks, and powered two-wheelers in several European countries.

Will you also be present at the UDRIVE Experience on 7 June?

In June the UDRIVE project will be concluded and the results will be presented at the international UDRIVE Experience in Madurodam, the Netherlands. Tickets are still available!







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