• Sustainable Safety – 3rd edition: En route to a casualty-free road traffic system

    The third edition of the Dutch Sustainable Safety vision, which was originally developed in the 1990s, is now available. 

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  • EU-project VIRTUAL: improving road safety with virtual crash tests

    VIRTUAL is a research project to develop virtual methods of crash testing.
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    Prevent crashes, reduce injuries, save lives!

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Recent updates


The overall goal of the VIRTUAL project is to investigate the feasibility of virtual test procedures complementary to physical testing.
20 Nov 2018
On november 20 the The European Transport Safety Council organizes the Safe and Sober Talk 'Alcohol Interlocks and the Fight against Drink Driving' in The Hague.
18 Nov 2019
The 8th International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC2019) will take place in Brisbane, Australia, from 18 to 20 November 2019. 
After two terms as president of the Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes (FERSI), Horst Schulze (BASt) will be succeeded by Rob Eenink (...
On Thursday 11 October, a small-scale workshop about distraction from roadside advertising took place.

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