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20 Mar 2018
From March 20 to 23 Intertraffic Amsterdam will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
10 Oct 2018
October 21 and 22, 2017 the 7th International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC 2017) will take place in Barcelona, Spain.
In the article 'How to define and measure pedestrian traffic deaths?' Paul Schepers, Nicola Christie, Bas de Geus and Rob Methorst integrate and expand on two papers on pedestrian travel deaths...
09 Jan 2018
The UDRIVE European Naturalistic Driving Study recently completed a large-scale data collection effort from six European Union countries to address a variety of research questions, including...
Information about the burden of (non-fatal) road traffic injury is very useful to further improve road safety policy. Previous studies calculated the burden of injury in individual countries. This...

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