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Twelve years after the previous update of the Sustainable Safety vision that was meant to last until 2020, SWOV, together with a large number of stakeholders, is working on a strategic and operatio
Local and regional governments are to a large extent responsible for road safety improvement in their own area.
This project is subdivided into three individual projects: S17.08-a Knowledge development for proactive road safety assessment instruments ts S17.08-b Benchmarking
For policymakers in the Netherlands it is not easy to determine which locations are still not safe for which road users.
The scientific article A human factors perspective on automated driving has recently been published in the journal Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science. Among the authors of the article is SWOV’s...
In-depth study to identify the factors that play a role in the occurrence and outcome of crashes involving slow motorized vehicles. The vehicles that are included in this study are the light moped, the microcar and the mobility scooter. Research questions How did the crash occur? Which combination of factors relating to man, vehicle, and road played a role in the crash occurring? Which combinations of factors are frequent?

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