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22 Sep 2021
From 22-24 September 2021, the 8th Road Safety & Simulation International Conference will take place in Athens, Greece.
28 Aug 2022
August 28-31, 2022, the 23rd International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety Conference (ICADTS) takes place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. SWOV researcher...
SWOV researcher Stelling and Vlakveld coauthored the article 'Speed characteristics of speed pedelecs, pedelecs and conventional bicycles in naturalistic urban and rural traffic conditions' in the...
SWOV researcher van Nes coauthored the article 'Empirical findings on infrastructure efficiency at a bicycle T-junction' in the magazine Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications.
SWOV researchers Varotto, Jansen, Bijleveld and van Nes coauthored the article 'Driver speed compliance following automatic incident detection: Insights from a naturalistic driving study' in the...

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