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On 14 October 2021 FERSI will organise an online symposium: Implementing evidence-based road safety measures, removing barriers and enhancing public support. FERSI announced six speakers who will...
SWOV researchers Van Petegem and Wijlhuizen coauthored the article 'The safety of physically separated cycle tracks compared to marked cycle lanes and mixed traffic conditions in Amsterdam' in the...
On July 5th, the kick-off of the Dutch project 'SIPCAT' took place. The project investigates the interaction of pedestrians and cyclists with automatic transport in a 3D Virtual Reality environment.
In April 2020 Volvo Cars and Veoneer announced the intention to divide MEDIATOR's well-respected partner Zenuity, in order for each company to focus more effectively on their respective strategies.
11 Jul 2021
From 11-17 July the 2021 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV21) will take place.

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