Wegwijzer - Wat weten we van de mobiliteit van personen?

The annual number of road traffic crashes in a country is determined by the distance travelled by persons in that year and in that country (mobility) and the risk of a crash while doing so. this risk is related to various characteristics of the distance travelled: the risk differs between type of road user, road type, time of day, etc.

How is road user mobility measured?

The road user mobility in the Netherlands is measured with a continuous survey about their mobility among a sample of the population. This survey has some limitations, such as trend reversals due to changes in measuring methods, differences in sample size, and the fact that not all mobility in the Netherlands is included. Professional transport and foreigners who travel in the Netherlands are absent.

The number of driving licence holders can also be used as an indication of road user mobility. From 1985, driving licences ownership is made available by the Mobility Study Netherlands (OVG/MON/OViN).


  • The most recent trend reversal in these statistics occured in 2010 due to the transition towards a new measuring method (OViN).

More information?

More information about road user mobility can be found in the report Data sources; Comprehensive overview.


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02 May 2017

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