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Maatregelen tegen lichtvervuiling.

Gepubliceerd: 1989 : Schreuder, D.A.

Minder automobilisten onder invloed, minder alcoholdoden.

Gepubliceerd: 1989 : Mathijssen, M.P.M.; Söder, J.C.M.; Verschuur, W.L.G.


isbn: 90-232-2269-5
Gepubliceerd: 1989 (Van Gorcum): Kraay, J.H.
Possibilities for and limitations of techniques to influence people's behaviour, in order to improve traffic safety and the living with traffic are discussed. Although there are a lot of these...

Ouder worden en de verkeersveiligheid.

isbn: 90-232-2454-X
Gepubliceerd: 1989 (Van Gorcum): Welleman, A.G.; Wouters, P.I.J.
Problems for old people in traffic are outlined by an integrated approach. A number of possibilities for solutions are considered by which the safety for elderly persons can be improved. There should...

Ouderen in het verkeer.

Gepubliceerd: 1989 : Welleman, A.G.


isbn: 90-232-2269-5
Gepubliceerd: 1989 (Van Gorcum): Gundy, C.M.; Rothengatter, T.
Traffic rules and traffic regulations are considered to be important means of promoting traffic safety. However there are often offences against the rules. Police control is traditionally used to...

Probleemgerichte aanpak - Het bepalen van probleemgebieden en prioriteiten - De verkeersveiligheid geplaatst; Argumenten om verkeersveiligheid op de politieke agenda te plaaten; In afbeeldingen.

Gepubliceerd: 1989 (Orgaan van Postacademisch onderwijs in de vervoerswetenschappen en de verkeerskunde PAO): Wegman, F.C.M.

Research and policy: Relationships in the Netherlands.

Gepubliceerd: 1989 (Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Transportation Research Institute): Kraay, J.H.
Road traffic safety is no longer seen by researchers as an isolated phenomenon, and subjects are studied in relation to other influencing mechanisms; the system approach. Nowadays, advice based on...

Road safety in developing countries: problems and research.

issn: 0768-9756
Gepubliceerd: 1989 (Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité INRETS): Schreuder, D.A.

Ruts and waves in the road surface.

Gepubliceerd: 1989 (Institut National de Recherche Routière INRR): Tromp, J.P.M.
The characteristics of a road and a road surface should not unexpectedly change, if the traffic process is to be kept safe and under control. Knowledge on accidents, in which ruts and waves played a...