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A method to assess road safety of planned infrastructure

Publicatie/rapport D-2000-14
Gepubliceerd: 2001 (SWOV): Sluis, Jan van der ; Janssen, Theo
Trefwoorden: Visie & beleid, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Vervoerswijzen, Overige vervoerswijzen, Infrastructuur, Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Risico's, Technologie & ITS, Handhaving, Educatie,...
This case study of Maastricht was part of Workpackage 9 ‘Town studies' of the research project Developing Urban Management And Safety (DUMAS), commissioned by the European Commission. One of the main...

The enforcement chain: traffic law enforcement and road safety targets

Publicatie/rapport D-2000-11
Gepubliceerd: 2001 (SWOV): Wegman, Fred
Trefwoorden: Handhaving, Vervoerswijzen, Overige vervoerswijzen, Visie & beleid, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Risico's, Internationaal,enforcement (law)
The Dutch government has set quantitative targets for road safety. In order to reach these road safety targets in the short term, it is argued that largescale police surveillance is essential. A...