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Analysis of Swedish and Dutch accident data on cyclist injuries in cyclist-car collisions

Gepubliceerd: 2019 : Leo, C.; Klug, C.; Ohlin, M,; Bos, N.M.; Davidse, R.J.; Linder, A.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Personenauto, Internationaal,
Objective: To reduce the number of severe injuries sustained by cyclists in crashes with vehicles, it is important to understand which kinds of injuries are occurring to identify what should be...

Coaches and road safety in Europe

Publicatie/rapport R-2019-11
Gepubliceerd: 2019 (SWOV): Temürhan, M.; Stipdonk, H.L.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Vervoerswijzen, Personenauto, Overige vervoerswijzen, Internationaal,
This study has compared the safety of coaches in traffic with the safety of other modes of transport (passenger car, train and airplane) in the European countries Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark... Lees meer