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Single unprotected road user crashes: Europe we have a problem!

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Methorst, R.; Eenink, R.; Cardoso, J.; Machata, K.; Malasek, J.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Vervoerswijzen, Voetganger, Fiets, Gemotoriseerde tweewieler, Internationaal,
Unprotected Road Users (URU) are a subset of Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) who are not protected in their vehicles: pedestrians, cyclists and powered two-wheelers. EU statistics for 2014 show that...

Look where you have to go! A field study comparing looking behaviour at urban intersections using a navigation system or a printed route instruction

Gepubliceerd: 2015 : Haupt, J.; Nes, N. van; Risser, R.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Personenauto, Infrastructuur, Technologie & ITS, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Internationaal,interaction
In this study, experienced navigation system users (N = 20) drove a given unfamiliar route twice: once with the navigation system activated and once with a printed instruction including a route...

A different perspective on conspicuity related motorcycle crashes

Gepubliceerd: 2014 : Craen, S. de; Doumen, M.J.A.; Norden, Y. van
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Vervoerswijzen, Gemotoriseerde tweewieler, Risico's,

Monitoring speed before and during a speed publicity campaign

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Schagen, I. van; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Goldenbeld, C.; Stipdonk, H.
Trefwoorden: Risico's, Handhaving,
Driving speeds were monitored during a period of 16 weeks encompassing different stages of an anti-speeding campaign in the Netherlands. This campaign targeted speed limit violations in built-up...

Riding performance on a conventional bicycle and a pedelec in low speed exercises: Objective and subjective evaluation of middle-aged and older persons

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Kovácsová, N.; Winter, J.C.F. de; Schwab, A.L.; Christoph, M.; Twisk, D.A.M.; Hagenzieker, M.P.
This study investigated cycling performance of middle-aged (30–45 years old; n = 30) versus older (65+ years; n = 31) participants during low-speed tasks for which stabilization skills are known to...

Auditory localisation of conventional and electric cars: laboratory results and implications for cycling safety

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Stelling-Konczak, A.; Hagenzieker, M.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Agterberg, M.J.H.; Wee, G.P. van
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Personenauto, Mens, gedrag & verkeer,Sounds
When driven at low speeds, cars operating in electric mode have been found to be quieter than conventional cars. As a result, the auditory cues which pedestrians and cyclists use to assess the...

Bicycling under the influence of alcohol

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Waard, D. de; Houwing, S.; Lewis Evans, B.; Twisk, D.; Brookhuis, K.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Risico's,
Objective According to international data estimates the proportion bicyclists with a positive Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) who are involved in accidents ranges from 15% to 57%. This large...

Hoofdstuk 12: Letsels en letsellast van ernstig verkeersgewonden

Gepubliceerd: 2016 (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek): Weijermars, W.; Bos, N.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Visie & beleid,
In 2014 waren er in Nederland 20,7 duizend ernstig verkeersgewonden, 4,2 duizend meer dan in 2000. Bij meer dan de helft gaat het om slachtoffers van fietsongevallen waarbij geen motorvoertuigen zijn... Lees meer

The study design of UDRIVE: the naturalistic driving study across Europe for cars, trucks and scooters

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Barnard, Y; Utesch, F.; Nes, N. van; Eenink, R.; Baumann, M.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Personenauto, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Internationaal,
Purpose UDRIVE is the first large-scale European Naturalistic Driving Study on cars, trucks and powered two-wheelers. The acronym stands for “European naturalistic Driving and Riding for...

Health burden of serious road injuries in the Netherlands

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Weijermars, W.; Bos, N.; Stipdonk, H.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Visie & beleid,
Background The consequences of injuries in terms of disabilities and health burden are relevant for policy making. This article provides an overview of the current knowledge on this topic and...