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Setting road safety targets in Cambodia: A methodological demonstration using the latent risk time series model

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Commandeur, J.J.F.; Wesemann, P.; Bijleveld, F.; Choun, V.; Sann, S.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Internationaal,
We present the methodology used for estimating forecasts for the number of road traffic fatalities in 2011–2020 in Cambodia based on observed developments in Cambodian road traffic fatalities and...

Forecasting the number of road traffic fatalities in Greece

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Antoniou, C., Yannis,G., Papadimitriou, E., Lassarre, S., Commandeur, J.J.F., Bijleveld, F. & Dupont E.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Internationaal,
The objective of this research is the modelling and forecasting of road traffic fatalities in Greece for the period 2011-2020 by means of structural time series models. A dedicated methodology is...

Vervanging en verkeersveiligheid

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Goldenbeld, Ch.; Dijkstra, A.; Aarts, L.; Schermers, G.

Verkeersveilige weginrichting: wet of richtlijn?

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Wijnen, W.; Bax, Ch.; Vissers, L.; Schagen, I. van
Trefwoorden: Infrastructuur, Visie & beleid,

Economic evaluation of road user related measures

Gepubliceerd: 2017 (European Commission): Daniels, S.; Aigner-Breuss, E.; Kaiser, S.; Goldenbeld, C.; Katrakazas, C.; Schoeters, A.; Ziakopoulos; Usami, D.S.; Bauer, R.; Papadimitriou, E.; Weijermars, W.; Rodriguez Palmeiro, A.; Talbot, R.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Visie & beleid, Internationaal,
Safety CaUsation, Benefits and Efficiency (SafetyCube) is a European Commission supported Horizon 2020 project with the objective of developing an innovative road safety Decision Support System (DSS...

Veiligheid en verantwoordelijkheid in het netwerktijdperk

Gepubliceerd: 2018 : Knaap, P. van der; Voort, H. van der
Trefwoorden: Visie & beleid,

Understanding safety critical interactions between bicycles and motor vehicles in Europe by means of Naturalistic Driving techniques

Gepubliceerd: 2012 : Twisk, D.A.M.; Nes, N. van; Haupt, J.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Personenauto, Technologie & ITS, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Internationaal,
Although prevention of bicycle–motorized-vehicle-crashes will result in significant improvements in bicycle mortality rates, little is known about the actual safety critical events leading up to...

Preliminary analysis plan

Gepubliceerd: 2014 (European Commission): Utesch, F.; Bärgman, J.; Carsten, O.; Christoph, M.; Engström, J.; Guyonvarch, L.; Lai, F.; Ligterink, N.; Lotan, T.; Nes, N. van; Petzoldt, T.; Saintpierre, G.; Vonk, W.; Winkelbauer, M.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Personenauto, Technologie & ITS, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Internationaal,
Deliverable 11.2 is part of SP1 of UDRIVE. It is integrated in WP1.1 which is dedicated to develop the project’s research questions and the preliminary analysis plan. It describes the planned...

The UDRIVE dataset and key analysis results

Gepubliceerd: 2017 (European Commission): Bärgman, J.; Nes, N. van; Christoph, M.; Jansen, R.; Heijne, V.; Carsten, O.; Dotzauer, M.; Utech, F.; Svanberg, E.; Pereira Cocron, M.; Forcolin, F.; Kovaceva, J.; Guyonvarch, L.; Hibberd, D.; Lotan, T.; Winkelbauer, M.; Sagberg, F.; ... Fox, C
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Personenauto, Technologie & ITS, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Internationaal,
UDrive is a large European naturalistic driving study, sponsored by the European Commission (FP7). Nineteen partners across Europe have come together and, along with stakeholders, defined research...

Interactions with vulnerable road users

Gepubliceerd: 2017 (European Commission): Jansen, R.; Lotan, T.; Winkelbauer, M.; Bärgman, J.; Kovaceva, J.; Donabauer, M.; Pommer, A.; Musicant, O.; Harel, A.; Wesseling, S.; Christoph, M.; Nes, N. van
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Voetganger, Fiets, Gemotoriseerde tweewieler, Personenauto, Technologie & ITS, Mens, gedrag & verkeer, Internationaal,
Within UDRIVE there has been a specific focus on pedestrians, cyclists and Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs). These groups of road users are particularly vulnerable in traffic because they lack the...