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How to define and measure pedestrian traffic deaths?

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Methorst, R.; Schepers, P.; Christie, N.; Geus, B. de
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Voetganger,

Crashes involving cyclists aged 50 and over: an in-depth study

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Boele-Vos, M.J.; Duijvenvoorde, K. van; Doumen, M.J.A.; Duivenvoorden, C.W.A.E.; Louwerse, W.J.R.; Davidse, R.J.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Risico's, Mens, gedrag & verkeer,
The number of seriously injured cyclists is increasing in the Netherlands. The majority of these seriously injured cyclists were involved in single-bicycle or bicycle-bicycle crashes. Little is known...

Effect of physical effort on mental workload of cyclists in real traffic in relation to age and use of pedelecs

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Boele-Vos, M.J.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Twisk, D.A.M.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Risico's, Mens, gedrag & verkeer,
To improve cycling safety, insight is required into the factors that contribute to road safety of older cyclists. From the wide range of possible factors, this paper addresses the role of physical...

An experiment on rider stability while mounting: Comparing middle-aged and elderly cyclists on pedelecs and conventional bicycles

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Twisk, D.A.M.; Platteel, S.; Lovegrove, G.R.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Risico's,
Pedelecs, popular among elderly cyclists, are associated with a higher injury risk than conventional bicycles. About 17% of these injuries are due to falls while (dis)mounting. Using instrumented...

Editorial for special issue: ‘Improving cyclist safety through scientific research’

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Twisk, D.; De Hair, S.; Otte, D.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Risico's, Infrastructuur, Technologie & ITS, Mens, gedrag & verkeer,

Mobile phone conversations, listening to music and quiet (electric) cars: Are traffic sounds important for safe cycling?

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Stelling-Kończak, A.; Wee, G.P. van; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Hagenzieker, M.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Personenauto, Risico's, Mens, gedrag & verkeer,
Listening to music or talking on the phone while cycling as well as the growing number of quiet (electric) cars on the road can make the use of auditory cues challenging for cyclists. The present...

Bicycle fatalities: trends in crashes with and without motor vehicles in the Netherlands

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Schepers, P.; Stipdonk, H.; Methorst, R.; Olivier, J.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Vervoerswijzen, Fiets,
Boufous and Olivier (2015) recently found an increasing trend of police-reported cyclist deaths in single-vehicle crashes while a decreasing trend was found for fatal bicycle-motor vehicle crashes....

The Dutch road to a high level of cycling safety

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Schepers, P.; Twisk, D.; Fishman, E.; Fyhri, A.; Jensen, A.
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Fiets, Infrastructuur, Visie & beleid,
Many governments attempt to improve cycling safety to reduce the number of bicycle crashes and encourage cycling. The Netherlands is a world leader in bicycle use and safety. This paper explores how...