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Forecasting German crash numbers: the effect of meteorological variables

Gepubliceerd: 2019 : Diependaele, K.; Martensen, H.; Lerner, M.; Schepers, A.; Bijleveld, F.; Commandeur, J.J.F.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers,
At the end of each year, the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) publishes the road safety balance of the closing year. They describe the development of accident and casualty numbers...

An analysis of official road crash cost estimates in European countries

Gepubliceerd: 2019 : Wijnen, W.; Weijermars, W.; Schoeters, A.; Van den Berghe, W.; Bauer, R.; Carnis, L.; Elvik, R.; Martensen, H.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Internationaal,
This paper gives an overview of official monetary valuations of the prevention of road crashes, road fatalities and injuries in 31 European countries. The values have been made comparable by...

The impact of changes in the proportion of unexperienced car driving on the annual number of road deaths

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Stipdonk, H.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers,
The annual number of road deaths in the Netherlands and other high income countries is featured by a summit around 1970. However, for different types of fatal road crashes (pedestrians killed by a...

Costs related to serious road injuries

Gepubliceerd: 2018 : Schoeters, A.; Wijnen ,W.; Carnis, L.; Weijermars, W.; Elvik, R.; Johannsen, H.; Van den Berghe, W.; Reed, S.; Daniels, S.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Visie & beleid, Internationaal,
Costs related to serious injuries constitute an important input variable to assess the cost-efficiency of road safety measures, which is one of the objectives of the H2020 EU project SafetyCube. A...

De rol van infrastructuur bij ongevallen op rijkswegen

Gepubliceerd: 2018 : Louwerse, R.; Davidse, R.; Duijvenvoorde, K. van
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Risico's, Infrastructuur,
Op verzoek van Rijkswaterstaat heeft SWOV alle dodelijke ongevallen onderzocht die in 2016 op rijkswegen plaatsvonden. Deze paper is een korte samenvatting van dit onderzoek, met de focus op de rol... Lees meer

Serious road traffic injuries in Europe, Lessons from the EU research project SafetyCube

Gepubliceerd: 2018 : Weijermars, W.; Bos, N.; Schoeters, A.; Meunier, J.-C.; Nuyttens, N.; Dupont, E.; Machata, K.; Bauer, R.; Perez, K.; Martin, J.-L.; Johansson, H.; Filtness, A.; Brown, L.; Thomas, P.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Internationaal,
The EU research project SafetyCube pays specific attention to serious road injuries, defined as nonfatal road traffic casualties with an injury severity level of MAIS3+. By means of surveys,...

Recording of alcohol in official crash statistics: underreporting and procedures to improve statistics

Gepubliceerd: 2018 : Vissers, L.; Houwing, S.; Wegman, F.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Risico's,
Worldwide 1.25 million people die in road crashes every year and it is widely recognized that drink driving is an important risk-increasing factor. Official statistics of alcohol-related crashes are...

Determinants of road traffic safety: New evidence from Australia using state-space analysis

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Nghiem, S.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Connelly, L.B.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Risico's, Visie & beleid,
This paper examines the determinants of road traffic crash fatalities in Queensland for the period 1958–2007 using a state-space time-series model. In particular, we investigate the effects of...

Setting road safety targets in Cambodia: A methodological demonstration using the latent risk time series model

Gepubliceerd: 2017 : Commandeur, J.J.F.; Wesemann, P.; Bijleveld, F.; Choun, V.; Sann, S.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Internationaal,
We present the methodology used for estimating forecasts for the number of road traffic fatalities in 2011–2020 in Cambodia based on observed developments in Cambodian road traffic fatalities and...