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Alcolocks in Belgium: Overview of the Belgian trial as part of the European alcolock project

Gepubliceerd: 2005 (Traffic Injury Research Foundation): Vanlaar, W.; Drevet, M; Silverans, P.; Alvarez, J.; Assum, T.; Evers, C.; Mathijssen, R.

Behavioural effects of Advanced Cruise Control use: a meta-analytic approach

Gepubliceerd: 2005 : Dragutinovic, N.; Brookhuis, K.A.; Hagenzieker, M.P.; Marchau, V.A.W.J.
In this study, a meta-analytic approach was used to analyse effects of Advanced Cruise Control (ACC) on driving behaviour reported in seven driving simulator studies. The effects of ACC on three...

Understanding road users' expectations: an essential step for ADAS development

Gepubliceerd: 2005 : Houtenbos, M.; Jagtman, H.M.; Hagenzieker, M.P.; Wieringa, P.A.; Hale, A.R.
This article indicates the need for understanding road users’ expectations when developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Nowadays, technology allows more and more opportunities to...

Determining opportunities for overtaking assistance. Combined efforts of a user needs survey and an interaction model.

Gepubliceerd: 2005 (ITS Japan / ITS America): Houtenbos, M.; Hegeman, G.; Van Driel, C.

The effects of speed enforcement with mobile radar on speed and accidents. An evaluation study at rural roads in the Dutch province Friesland

Gepubliceerd: 2005 : Goldenbeld, Ch.; Schagen, I. van
Trefwoorden: Vervoerswijzen, Personenauto, Risico's, Handhaving,
In an evaluation study, the effects of targeted speed enforcement on speed and road accidents were assessed. Enforcementwas predominantly carried out by means of mobile radar and focused on rural non...

Application of a road safety impact assessment to a regional road network

Gepubliceerd: 2005 : Dijkstra, A.

Beloning voor veilig rijden

Gepubliceerd: 2005 : Hagenzieker, M.

Drink driving policy and road safety in the Netherlands: a retrospective analysis

Gepubliceerd: 2005 : Mathijssen, M.P.M.
In 1970, SWOV started periodic nationwide roadside surveys aimed at assessing the BAC distribution of Dutch motorists during weekend nights. The goal of these surveys was to get an insight in drink...