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Determinants of road traffic safety: New evidence from Australia using state-space analysis

Gepubliceerd: 2016 : Nghiem, S.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Connelly, L.B.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Risico's, Visie & beleid,
This paper examines the determinants of road traffic crash fatalities in Queensland for the period 1958–2007 using a state-space time-series model. In particular, we investigate the effects of...

Burden of injury of serious road injuries in six EU countries

Gepubliceerd: 2018 : Weijermars, W.; Bos, N.; Filtness, A.; Brown, L.; Bauer, R.; Dupont, E.; Martin, J.L.; Perez, K.; Thomas, P.
Trefwoorden: Verkeersveiligheid in cijfers, Visie & beleid,
Background: Information about the burden of (non-fatal) road traffic injury is very useful to further improve road safety policy. Previous studies calculated the burden of injury in individual...