Oversteekplaatsen voor voetgangers.


Kraay, J.H.; Slop, M.



The relation between the presence of facilities for pedestrians (uncontrolled-, controlled pedestrian crossings and under- and overpasses for pedestrians) and safety for pedestrians in towns has been examined. In three out of six countries examined safety for pedestrians increases with the number of controlled crossings. In two other countries such relation was only found as regards uncontrolled crossings. Only in one country no relation at all was found between facilities for pedestrians and their safety. As far as the netherlands are concerned no proof could be produced that an increase in the number of uncontrolled crossings promotes safety for pedestrians. However, the installation of more controlled crossings, according to criteria obtained at this moment, has a beneficial influence. The way data were used in this investigation, has proved satisfactory and can be recommended for similar investigations. This article is in dutch.

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