Methodologies for evaluating usage of vehicle data recorders.

DRIVE Project V2007 SAMOVAR. Deliverable D3: methodologies for evaluating usage of vehicle data recorders.


Bos, J.M.J.; Wouters, P.I.J.



This deliverable describes the methodologies to be used within the SAMOVAR project to assess the effects of installing data recorders in vehicles. By way of introduction, the general principles guiding the project are outlined, together with the role of the different types of vehicle data recorders to be studied. Three activities are discussed. The first relates to the assessment of the effects on accident rates of installing recording devices in fleets of commercial vehicles. The statistical and procedural requirements are described, and the importance of the feedback process within the organisation is emphasised. The critical issue of sample size is discussed at some length, as well as the analyses procedures to be employed. The second study is designed to be complementary, in that it uses Journey Data Recorders in order to provide behavioural data that can be used to provide both an explanation for any changes in accident rates, and also some indication of the effects of the devices over time. The third study is again concerned with accident data, but this time on a disaggreated level, being concerning with the use of Accident Data Recorders in the process of accident reconstruction in order to obtain detailed information on the dynamics of the accident situation.

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SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, Leidschendam