De bromfietser in het verkeer

Rapport over een onderzoek naar de ongevalsvatbaarheid van de bromfietser






In this report first the accident rates (accidents per million vehicle kilometres) of all moped riders have been compared with other categories of road users. The average accident rate of all moped riders appears to be higher than the rate of cyclists, but considerably lower than the accident rates of motorcyclists and motorcar drivers. An attempt has been made to determine the influence on the accident rate of: 1) age of the driver; 2) driving experience; 3) town or countryside; 4) type of moped; and 5) being in possession of a driver's licence (for moped riders no driver's license is required in The Netherlands). The 16- and 17-years old moped riders have an accident rate of more than twice the rate of the group of 18- en 19-years old. The driving experience seems to be a very important factor; experienced drivers are relatively safer. Being in possession of a driver's license (a criterion for the knowledge of traffic rules) and the type of moped (slow and fast types) are of little influence on the accident rate. The group of rural moped drivers have a lower accident rate than the inhabitants of towns. The first group however, is more frequently involved in the single vehicle type of accidents.

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