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Are self-driving vehicles thé solution to make traffic safer? What effect does ISA have? On this page you can find information within the topic 'Technology & ITS'.

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...that there are different types of ISA that have different effects on behaviour and on road safety?  The more intruding and controlling an ISA system is, the less it will be accepted by drivers. At the same time, however, the more intruding and controlling, the greater the effect on speed and on road safety in general.

Source: fact sheet Intelligent speed assistance (ISA)


There are more and more systems on the market to support the driver in his vehicle. Step by step the automation of our vehicles increases, the traffic system is in a transition towards self-driving vehicles. The...

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In this study, experienced navigation system users (N = 20) drove a given unfamiliar route twice: once with the navigation system activated and once with a printed instruction including a route instruction. Quantitative...

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The Directorate-General of Highways, Waterways, and Water Systems (Rijkswaterstaat in Dutch) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu (IenM) in Dutch) has commissioned...

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