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What is the number of road deaths in the past year? How has the number of serious road injuries been developing? On this page you can find information about the topic 'Road safety data'.

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Our Road map: road safety data tells you more about the various data sources and provides access to the available data. You can also consult our fact sheets which give you short and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions within this topic.

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...that more than half of all 'bicycle road deaths' and that more than a quarter of the serious road injuries in the hospital register are cyclists in the age group 70 or older?

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Source: Monitor Policy Stimulus Road Safety 2014


Objective: This article discusses the characteristics and injury patterns of serious road injuries (Maximum Abbreviated Injury Scale [MAIS] 2+ inpatients) in The Netherlands.

Methods: In The...

Published: 2016

The balance struck; Sustainable Safety in the Netherlands 1998-2007 This book strikes the balance of ten years of Sustainable Safety. The Sustainable Safety vision was introduced in the early 1990s. From 1998 the vision...

Published: 2009

The summit conquered; Assessment of road safety in the Netherlands in the period 1950-2005 This road safety assessment presents an overview of the development in the number of road crash casualties, i.e. deaths and in-...

Published: 2007
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An increase in the number of road casualties may indicate that the risk has become higher, but it could also mean that exposure has increased.

dr. Henk Stipdonk