How many road deaths per year are caused by distraction in traffic? How does alcohol affect road safety? On this page you can find information within the topic 'Risks'.

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Did you know...

...that more than 40% of all car occupants who die in crashes during weekend nights travel in a car with a young male driver (18-24 years old) behind the wheel?  

Source: report Alcoholgebruik van jongeren in het verkeer op stapavonden (in Dutch)


Serious alcohol offenders in traffic; Extent of the problem and characteristics of the offenders

Worldwide driving under the influence of alcohol is a large and persistent problem for road safety...

Published: 2016

The relation between traffic offences and road crashes; Preliminary study making use of Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB) data In the Netherlands, no research has been done as yet into the relation between the number...

Published: 2011

Estimated number of road fatalities due to distraction The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the Netherlands asked SWOV to make an estimate of the number of road fatalities due to distraction in traffic....

Published: 2013

Interpolis Car Experiment: research findings summarized

The Dutch insurance company Interpolis asked SWOV to investigate the effect of three training courses that focus on the road safety of...

Published: 2016