What is the price of unsafe traffic for society? What does the Sustainable Safety vision entail?  On this page you can find information within the topic 'Policy'.

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Our Road map: road safety data tells you more about the various data sources and provides access to the available data. You can also consult our fact sheets which give you short and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions within this topic.

Did you know...

...that an average of 20% of the serious road injuries suffers from the consequences of the crash for the rest of their lives?

Source: report Lasten van verkeersletsel ontleed (in Dutch)


Serious road injuries 2015; Estimate of the number of serious road injuries in 2015

Slight increase in serious road injuries in 2015

The number of serious road injuries (SRI) in 2015 has...

Published: 2016
Published: 2005

The method of benchmarking provides an opportunity to learn from better performing territories to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of activities in a particular field of interest. Such a field of interest could be...

Published: 2015
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The number of serious road injuries is an important indicator for road safety policy. That policy should also be guided by the consequences of (serious) traffic injuries.

dr. ir. Wendy Weijermars