How many fines are given per year for speeding offences? When is enforcement most effective? On this page you can find information within the topic 'Enforcement'.

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Our Road map: road safety data tells you more about the various data sources and provides access to the available data. You can also consult our fact sheets which give you short and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions within this topic.


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...that an increase or a decline in the number of fines does not necessarily mean that een stithe number of committed offences also went up or down? Voicing an opinion requires knowledge about whether the police enforcement was more or less frequent. The amount of traffic on the roads is also important: in times of a smaller traffic volume (e.g. during an economic crisis) the number of fines also goes down somewhat.

Source: Fact sheet 'Police traffic enforcement'


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A real risk of enforcement checks is essential for both an effective recidivism regulation and a progressive penalty system.

dr. Peter van der Knaap