How effective are fear appeals or confronting information campaigns? Which educational measures do we have in the Netherlands that can be used to improve road safety? On this page you can find information within the topic 'Risks'.

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Our Road map: road safety data tells you more about the various data sources and provides access to the available data. You can also consult our fact sheets which give you short and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions within this topic.

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....that risk behaviour is reduced most strongly by an information message if the called emotions – both negative and positive – are combined with actionable and effective behavioural recommendations? 

Source: fact sheet 'Fear appeals and confronting information campaigns


Motorcyclists have a relative high risk of crash involvement. As a consequence there is an on-going search
for safety measures to improve road safety for motorcyclists. One popular measure is motorcycle training....

Published: 2015

The evaluation of traffic education programmes; Recommendations for measuring the effects and a proposal for an abbreviated measuring instrument A thorough evaluation is important for the quality improvement of traffic...

Published: 2011

Evaluation bicycle helmet campaign 'Wanna look cool, wear a helmet!' in the Province of Zeeland in the Netherlands; Effects on helmet use and influential factors 

In the Netherlands...

Published: 2016

The role of parents in informal traffic education; Questionnaire study of parents' knowledge, needs and motivation Informal traffic education refers to the informal learning process in which road users continuously learn...

Published: 2010
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