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Recommendations for safety and sustainability measures

Published: 2017 (European Commission): Tattegrain, H.; Wilmink, I.; Wesseling, S.; Guyonvarch, L.; Frey, A.; Welsh, R.; Evegenou, M.; Letisserand, D.; Riouffreyt, M.; Guillaume, A.; Nes, N. van
Tags: Transport mode, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Passenger car, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement, Education, International,
The aim of Task 5.1 is to identify and select, among the outcomes of SP4, the results that are relevant to infer recommendations for measures improving road safety and sustainability. Due to time...

Economic evaluation of infrastructure related measures

Published: 2017 (European Commission): Daniels, S.; Papadimitriou, E. (eds)
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Infrastructure, Policy, International,
This Deliverable reports on the work in SafetyCube Task 5.3. This addresses one of the main objectives of WP5 by contributing to the evaluation of key infrastructure related road safety measures....