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Naturalistic Driving-onderzoek bij de SWOV

Published: 2013 : Knapper, A; Nes, N. van; Christoph, M.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,

Adherence to driving cessation advice given to patients with cognitive impairment and consequences for mobility

Published: 2018 : Piersma, D.; Fuermaier, A.B.M.; Waard, D. de; Davidse, R.J.; Groot, J. de; Doumen, M.J.A.; Ponds, R.W.H.M.; Deyn, P.P. de; Brouwer, W.H.; Tucha, O.
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
Background Driving is related to social participation; therefore older drivers may be reluctant to cease driving. Continuation of driving has also been reported in a large proportion of patients with...

Verkeersvaardigheidstraining met virtual reality voor basisschoolleerlingen

Publication/report R-2018-12
Published: 2018 (SWOV): Wijlhuizen, G.J.; Kint, S. van der
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic, Education,
Verzekeraar Interpolis startte in 2015 met ‘SlimOpWeg’, een meerjarig programma met als doel het aantal verkeersongevallen terug te dringen met 25% in 2020. Binnen dit programma worden diverse...... Read more

Sustainable Safety 3rd edition – The advanced vision for 2018-2030

isbn: 978-90-73946-17-0
Published: 2018 (SWOV): SWOV
Tags: Transport mode, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Passenger car, Risks, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement, Education,Traffic; safety; sustainable safety; theory...
The vision of Sustainable Safety is an optimal approach to improve road safety, originating from the Netherlands. It is a vision that is shared by many road safety professionals. A sustainably safe...