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Road injuries, health burden, but not fatalities make 12- to 17-year olds a high risk group in the Netherlands

Published: 2017 : Twisk, D.A.M.; Bos, N.M.; Weijermars, W.A.M.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Risks,
Background: To explore the impact of road injuries for different age groups, this study compares the health burden of road injuries on young adolescents—12 to 17 years of age—to those on older age...

Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2017

Publication/report R-2017-17
Published: 2017 (SWOV): Weijermars, W.; Schagen, I. van; Moore, K.; Goldenbeld, Ch.; Stipdonk, H.; Loenis, B.; Bos, N.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,monitor
Deze Monitor Verkeersveiligheid bespreekt hoe de verkeersveiligheid zich in 2016 ontwikkeld heeft. In 2016 vielen 629 verkeersdoden en 21.400 ernstig verkeersgewonden in het Nederlandse verkeer....... Read more

Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2017 – Achtergrondinformatie en onderzoeksverantwoording

Publication/report R-2017-17A
Published: 2017 (SWOV): Goldenbeld, Ch.; Schagen, I.N.L.G. van, Moore, K.; Loenis, B; Weijermars, W.A.M.; Stipdonk, H.L.; Bijleveld, F.D.; Wesseling, S.; Bos, N.M.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,Safety; traffic; injury; fatality; severity (accid
Dit rapport dient als achtergrondrapport en onderzoeksverantwoording bij de Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2017 (R-2017-17) en bespreekt: ontwikkelingen in aantallen verkeersdoden en ernstig... Read more

Ernstig verkeersgewonden 2016

Publication/report R-2017-18
Published: 2017 (SWOV): Bos, N.M.; Stipdonk, H.L.; Commandeur, J.J.F.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,Accident; injury; fatality; road user; severity (acid
Vrijwel evenveel ernstig verkeersgewonden in 2016 als in 2015 In 2016 waren er 21.400 ernstig verkeersgewonden. De betrouwbaarheids­marge rond dit aantal is ongeveer plus of min 400. In 2015 waren er... Read more

De beschikbaarheid en kwaliteit van informatie over verkeersongevallen

Publication/report R-2017-15
Published: 2017 (SWOV): Houwing, S.
Tags: Road safety in numbers,Accident; injury; fatality; severity (accident
Er zijn verschillende gegevensbronnen die informatie bevatten over verkeersongevallen. Rijkswaterstaat wil namens het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu weten welke informatie in Nederland...... Read more

Crashes involving cyclists aged 50 and over: an in-depth study

Published: 2017 : Boele-Vos, M.J.; Duijvenvoorde, K. van; Doumen, M.J.A.; Duivenvoorden, C.W.A.E.; Louwerse, W.J.R.; Davidse, R.J.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
The number of seriously injured cyclists is increasing in the Netherlands. The majority of these seriously injured cyclists were involved in single-bicycle or bicycle-bicycle crashes. Little is known...

Social costs of road crashes: An international analysis

Published: 2016 : Wijnen, W.; Stipdonk, H.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,
This paper provides an international overview of the most recent estimates of the social costs of road crashes: total costs, value per casualty and breakdown in cost components. The analysis is based...

Crash cost estimates for European countries

Published: 2017 (European Commission): Wijnen, W.; Weijermars, W.; Vanden Berghe, W.; Schoeters, A.; Bauer, R.; Carnis, L.; Elvik, R.; Theofilatos, A.; Filtness, A.; Reed, S.; Perez, C.; Martensen, H.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,
Safety CaUsation, Benefits and Efficiency (SafetyCube) is a European Commission supported Horizon 2020 project with the objective of developing an innovative road safety Decision Support System (DSS...

Maak van de nul een punt in Zuid-Holland

Publication/report R-2017-5
Published: 2017 (SWOV): Aarts, L.T.; Boele, M.J.; Bos, N.M.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks, Policy,Traffic; safety; fatality; injury; accident; accident rate; accident prevention; age; driver; driving (veh); adolescent; old people;...
Het Regionaal Ondersteuningsbureau Verkeersveiligheid Zuid-Holland (ROV-ZH) is bezig met de invulling en uitwerking van het Meerjarenprogramma verkeersveiligheid 2017-2020. Met dit programma... Read... Read more

Preliminary guidelines for priority setting between measures

Published: 2016 (European Commission): Martensen, H.; Van den Berghe, W.; Wijnen, W.; Weijermars, W.; Carnis, L.; Elvik, R.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, International,
The present deliverable describes the economic assessment of counter measures. Cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-utility analysis are compared to cost-benefit analysis. Cost-effectiveness analysis...