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SWOV-programma 2003-2006

Publication/report R-2003-18
Published: 2003 (SWOV): SWOV
Tags: Policy, Transport mode, Other modes of traffic, Human behaviour in traffic, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Education, Road safety in numbers, Enforcement, International,organization (...
SWOV Programme 2003-2006

Towards a Czech Road Safety Information System

Publication/report D-2003-3
Published: 2003 (SWOV): Craen, S. de; Wegman, F.
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic, Technology & ITS, Road safety in numbers, Policy, Education, Transport mode, Other modes of traffic, International,report of visit
The Czech Republic aims at improving its road safety and in the last years it achieved significant successes in reducing the number of road traffic casualties. Increasingly, road safety measures have...

A Road Safety Information System for Poland

Publication/report R-2001-15
Published: 2003 (SWOV): Brouwer, Martha
Tags: Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Education, Road safety in numbers, Technology & ITS, International,safety
Poland would like to improve its road safety situation. This requires efforts at national, regional, and municipal levels. A proper management structure is being attended to and there is a National...