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Automated vehicles in traffic: how will pedestrians and cyclists react

Tags: Transport mode, Pedestrian, Bicycle,
Automated vehicles are being developed at a rapid pace and automated driving systems are becoming more and more advanced. Before long automated vehicles will be a common mode of transport on our...

Transfer of the speed pedelec from the category bicycles to the category mopeds

Projectnr: S17.21 | Status: Active, Start date: 01 Jan 2017, End date: 31 Dec 2017
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Risks, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic,
Since January 1, 2017, the speed pedelec is no longer classified as a ‘light moped’ but it falls within the category of ‘mopeds’. As a result,  speed pedelec riders are obliged to wear a helmet and... Read more