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Defining suitable Safe System projects: The experience of the SaferAfrica project in five African countries

Published: 2021 (SWOV): Usami, D.S.; González-Hernández, B.; Persia, L.; Kunsoan, N.B.; Meta, E.; Saporito, M.R.; Schermers, G.; Carnis, L.; Yerpez, J.; Bouhamed, N.; Cardoso, J.; Kluppels, L.; Vandemeulebroek, F.
Tags: Policy, International,
When dealing with road safety in Africa, one should bear in mind that road safety problems need to be seen in their context as the solutions proposed to address them. While it is relevant to consider...

Placing hourly variation in bicycle volume and crashes in the bigger perspective of road safety for cyclists in Dutch cities

Published: 2021 (Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport): Uijtdewilligen, T.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Infrastructure, International,
While bicycle levels in Dutch cities increased rapidly the last few years, it is still debatable what the effects of increasing bicycle volumes are on road safety. On the one hand, a safety-in-...

Impact of automated vehicles on road safety

Published: 2021 (Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport): Zwart, R. de
Tags: Technology & ITS, International,
The introduction of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) has far-reaching impacts on the traffic system and society. The Levitate project (EU, Horizon2020, aims to forecast...

Hazard perception, traffic situation overview and reaction time in drivers with early Alzheimer’s disease

Published: 2021 (Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport): Kamphuis, K.
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic, International,
In the Netherlands patients with early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are allowed to drive if their fitness to drive is positively evaluated. The assessment consists of a clinical interview and an on-road...

A common methodology for the collection of Key Road Safety Performance Indicators in the EU

Published: 2021 : Van den Berghe, W.; Silverans, P.; Boudry, E.; Aarts, L.; Bijleveld, F.; Folla, K.; Yannis, G.
Tags: Policy, International,
The European Commission has put forward a new approach to EU road safety policy for the decade 2021-2030, highlighting also the need of setting new interim targets and establishing a range of key...

LEVITATE: Road safety impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles

Published: 2021 (H2020 Levitate project): Weijermars, W.; Hula, A.; Chaudhry, A.; Sha, S.; Zwart, R. de; Mons, C.; Boghani, H.
Tags: Risks, Technology & ITS, International,
Connected and automated transport systems (CATS) are expected to be introduced in increasing numbers over the next decades. Moreover, they are expected to have considerable impacts on mobility,...

Methodological guidelines – KPI Speeding

Published: 2021 (Baseline project, Vias institute): Teuchies, M.; Vadeby, A.; Van Schagen, I.; Riguelle, F.; Tutka, P.
Tags: Risks, Policy, International,
Grant agreement under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) No MOVE/C2/SUB/2019-558/CEF/PSA/SI2.835753 collection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for road safety.

Assessing the willingness to use Personal e-Transporters (PeTs): results from a cross-national survey in nine European cities

Published: 2021 : De Ceunynck, T.; Wijlhuizen, G.J.; Fyhri, A.; Gerike, R.; Köhler, D.; Ciccone, A.; Dijkstra, A.; Dupont, E.; Cools. M.
Tags: Transport mode, Other modes of traffic, Human behaviour in traffic, International,
In the last few years, there has been a strong increase in the interest in and usage of socalled “Personal e-Transporters” (PeTs), also referred to as micro-mobility devices. Empirical research on...

Section 3.1 - Road function, safe speeds and credible speed limits

Published: 2020 (European Commission): Schagen, I. van; Aarts, L.
Tags: Risks, Infrastructure, Policy, International,

Costs related to serious road injuries: a European perspective

Published: 2020 : Schoeters, A.; Wijnen ,W.; Carnis, L.; Weijermars, W.; Elvik, R.; Daniels, S.; Johannsen, H.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, International,
Introduction Costs related to road crashes represent an important societal burden. Additionally they constitute an essential input variable to assess the cost efficiency of road safety measures....