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Naturalistic Driving Workshop in word and image

Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Freight and delivery traffic, Technology & ITS, International,
Op donderdag 6 april organiseerde SWOV een workshop voor verkeersprofessionals over Naturalistic Driving. Tijdens de interactieve workshop werd gesproken over wat er allemaal bij deze...

Manifesto: ‘Make road safety a national priority’

Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,beleid
Brede coalitie roept nieuw kabinet op te kiezen voor veiligheid en minder slachtoffers.


14 Apr 2017
Tags: Transport mode, Powered two-wheeler,helm
In 2015, 47 motorcyclists died in traffic in the Netherlands. After 2009, when their number was approximately 1,300, it has not been possible to reliably determine the number of serious road injuries... Read more

New ETSC report: reducing deaths in single vehicle crashes

Tags: Transport mode, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
A third of road deaths in the EU happen in single vehicle crashes: crashes in which the driver/rider of the vehicle and/or passengers are killed, but no other road users are involved. In the past 10... Read more

SafetyCube progress of activities concerning serious road injuries

Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, International,
One aspect of the EU project SafetyCube is dedicated to serious road injuries, their health impacts and their costs. A recently published report shows that current practices for the estimation of the...