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More than 50 people, on average, die every year in a submerged vehicle crash

Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Passenger car, Other modes of traffic, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,verdrinking
Elk jaar overlijden er gemiddeld meer dan 50 personen nadat hun voertuig te water is geraakt. Meer dan twee derde overlijdt door verdrinking. Vooral onder de leeftijdsgroep 18-24-jarigen vallen veel...

Pedelecs and speed pedelecs

18 Sep 2017
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
Pedelecs are popular. Initially especially elderly people bought pedelecs, but meanwhile pedelecs have also become popular with other target groups. It is not precisely known if cycling on a pedelec... Read more