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ADVERTS: Distraction by (digital) billboards

Projectnr: E17.24 | Status: Active, Start date: 01 Sep 2017, End date: 01 Jan 2019
Tags: Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, International,
ADVERTS focuses on distraction by (digital) roadside billboards (ADVERTS which stands for 'Assessing Distraction of Vehicle drivers in Europe from Roadside Technology-based Signage'). Distraction is... Read more

PROGReSS: Guidance for roadside safety

Projectnr: E17.25 | Status: Active, Start date: 01 Sep 2017, End date: 01 Sep 2018
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy, International,
PROGReSS (PROvision of Guidelines for Road Side Safety) focuses on the safety of roadsides of European rural roads and motorways. Single-vehicle lane departures involving roll-over or impacts with... Read more

Dutch road safety in international perspective

07 Jul 2015
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, International,
Nederland behoort al jaren tot de meest verkeersveilige landen van de wereld, maar er zijn aanwijzingen dat we terrein verliezen. Als we kijken naar de mortaliteit (het aantal verkeersdoden per...


Projectnr: U15.02 | Status: Active, Start date: 01 May 2015, End date: 30 Apr 2018
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, International,Europa
How can crashes occur and which measures are most suitable to prevent them? Virtually every country in the world struggles with these questions. The EU project SafetyCube is developing a Decision...... Read more

Costs and benefits of retrofit contour marking

Projectnr: C11.25 | Status: Completed, Start date: , End date:
Tags: Freight and delivery traffic, Risks, Policy, International,
Commissioned by 3M, SWOV in 2014 did research into the costs and benefits of retrofit introduction of contour marking for lorries in the Netherlands. Benefits lie in casualties saved and reduction of... Read more