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A study in real traffic examining glance behaviour of teenage cyclists when listening to music: Results and ethical considerations

Published: 2018 : Stelling-Konczak, A.; Vlakveld, W.P.; Gent, P. van; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Wee, G.P. van; Hagenzieker, M.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
Listening to music while cycling impairs cyclists’ auditory perception and may decrease their awareness of approaching vehicles. If the impaired auditory perception is not compensated by the cyclist...

Laat ondersteuning testen door ouderen

Published: 2018 : Davidse, R.
Tags: Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,Senioren

Een positieve keuze voor veilig verkeer in 2018: ‘Het komt in 2018 aan op doorpakken’

Published: 2018 : Knaap, P. van der
Tags: Policy,