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Interpolis SlimOpWeg-programma: de AutoModus-app

Publication/report R-2016-3
Published: 2016 (SWOV): Groot-Mesken, J. de; Wijnen, W.; Stelling-Konczak, A.; Commandeur, J.J.F.
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,mobile phone
Interpolis heeft in het kader van het SlimOpWeg-programma een app voor de smartphone laten ontwikkelen. Het doel van deze ‘AutoModus-app’ is om jongeren te helpen hun smartphonegebruik in de auto te... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - Highlights

National Road Safety Congress NVVC  The NVVC congress, the bi-annual event that is organized by ANWB, SWOV and VVN and is made possible by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the... Read... Read more

Reducing deaths in single vehicle collisions

Published: 2017 (ETSC): Adminaite, D.; Jost, G.; Stipdonk, H.; Ward, H.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Risks, Infrastructure, International,
A third of road deaths in the EU are caused by collisions that involve a single motorised vehicle where the driver, rider and/or passengers are killed but no other road users are involved. These...

New ETSC report: reducing deaths in single vehicle crashes

Tags: Transport mode, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
A third of road deaths in the EU happen in single vehicle crashes: crashes in which the driver/rider of the vehicle and/or passengers are killed, but no other road users are involved. In the past 10... Read more