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SWOV in 2016 - Financial summary 2016

In the Financial Summary 2016 SWOV presents its financial results in the year 2016. We look back on a good year that was closed with a positive result of €145,705. This result is positive,... Read... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - Highlights

National Road Safety Congress NVVC  The NVVC congress, the bi-annual event that is organized by ANWB, SWOV and VVN and is made possible by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the... Read... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - Scientific Advisory Board (WAR)

The task of the Scientific Advisory Board (WAR) is to advise SWOV's supervisors and managing director and to consequently improve the quality of the research. The members of the WAR represent... Read... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - International

SWOV does not only carry out research for clients in the Netherlands, but also operates on an international level. Together with European partners, SWOV often participates in EU-projects in the...... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - Projects

Besides the projects that were completed in 2016, SWOV has projects with a longer duration. More information about  the SWOV research projects, completed and active, can be found under Research....... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - Collaboration

Much of the SWOV-research is done for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (I&M). In recent years, the research for other clients is becoming increasingly important and is growing... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors (RvT) determines the SWOV strategy and also decides on the following: budgets, financial reports, applications for grant of the target subsidy, multiannual financial plans... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - organisation and personnel

Dr. Peter van der Knaap has been SWOV's Managing Director since 1 June 2013. Together with the Board of Supervisors (RvT) he is responsible for the strategy and position of SWOV and ensures that the... Read more

SWOV in 2016 - Programme Advisory Board (PAR)

The Programme Advisory Board (PAR) is formed by representatives of parties with an in interest in the results of the SWOV research: national government, provincial and local governments, private...... Read more

Annual Report 2016 - Introduction

The casualty data of 2015 already indicated negative road safety developments in the Netherlands. And the 2016 data are not expected to be more positive. This is reason for concern. The Dutch road... Read more