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Driver state and mental workload

isbn: 9780081026717
Published: 2021 (Elsevier Ltd.): Waard, D. de; Nes, N. van
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,

Annual report 2020

SWOV beoogt om met kennis uit onderzoek de verkeersveiligheid te verbeteren. 2020 was jarenlang het jaar waarin de doelstellingen van het vorige verkeersveiligheidsplan gerealiseerd zouden moeten...

Financial summary 2020

The year 2020 closed with a positive operational result, which for 2020 amounts to € 318,675. That is a gratifying fact after a special year that was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This shows... Read more

Speed up to safe interactions; The effects of intersection design and road users’ behaviour on the interaction between cyclists and car drivers

isbn: 978-90-73946-20-0
Published: 2021 (SWOV): Duivenvoorden, K.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Passenger car, Human behaviour in traffic,

Verkeer is ‘gedrag’, maar verkeersveiligheid is méér dan ‘gedrag’

Published: 2021 : Knaap, P. van der
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic,
Waarschijnlijk de grootste dooddoener in discussies over verkeersveiligheid is dat ‘90 procent van alle verkeersongevallen wordt veroorzaakt door menselijk gedrag’. Waarna vaak de oproep volgt tot... Read more

Dissertation former SWOV researcher Kirsten Duivenvoorden: (bicycle) safety of intersections in rural areas

Voormalig SWOV-onderzoeker Kirsten Duivenvoorden verdedigde op 21 april 2021 haar proefschrift Speed up to safe interactions - The effects of intersection design and road users’ behaviour on the...

LEVITATE webinar: Road safety assessment of automated vehicles

Connected and automated transport systems (CATS) are expected to be introduced in increasing numbers over the next decades. Moreover, they are expected to have considerable impacts on mobility,...... Read more

VIRTUAL webinar: Cost-benefit analysis tool for innovative automotive safety systems

In WP6 of the VIRTUAL project, a calculation tool for conducting cost-benefit analysis of vehicle safety systems is being developed. The tool is aimed at calculating the socio-economic costs and...... Read more

Empirical findings on infrastructure efficiency at a bicycle T-junction

Published: 2021 : Gavriilidou, A.; Daamen, W.; Yuan, Y.; Nes, N. van; Hoogendoorn, S.P.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Infrastructure,
In the pursuit of promoting cycling and providing better cycling infrastructure, its design is of great importance. One of the critical locations in a network are intersections, and specifically T-...

Adaptations in driver deceleration behaviour with automatic incident detection: A naturalistic driving study

Published: 2021 : Varotto, S.F.; Jansen, R.; Bijleveld, F.; Nes, N. van
Tags: Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
Traffic congestion and crash rates can be reduced by introducing variable speed limits (VSLs) and automatic incident detection (AID) systems. Previous findings based on loop detector measurements...