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Anna Aldea, MSc

Anna Aldea, MSc, is involved with the EU project MEDIATOR and researches the interaction between human drivers and automated vehicles. She specialises in the use of virtual reality technology in the... Read more

VIRTUAL VIVA+ online hackathon

From 23 September to 14 October the VIRTUAL hackathon will take place online in conjunction with IRCOBI Europe. During the Hackathon, the participants will receive a hands-on introduction to VIVA... Read more

Automotive User Interfaces conference

On 9, 10 and 13, 14 September the virtual conference Automotive User Interfaces (AutomotiveUI) will take place. AutomotiveUI is the premier forum for UI research in the automotive domain. The... Read... Read more

LEVITATE webinar: Policy interventions

On 11 October LEVITATE will hold a webinar. The webinar will provide insights on the potential impacts of introducing policy measures related to on-street parking repurposing (driving or cycle lane... Read more

Webinar on cycling safety

On 30 September MIROS and SWOV will host a webinar on cycling safety. SWOV researchers Eenink, Wijlhuizen and Boele will participatie in the webinar. The programme will be available in the course of... Read more

Rob Eenink covers managerial duties SWOV

Adjunct-directeur ir. Rob Eenink neemt de komende tijd de directeurs-bestuurderstaken bij SWOV waar. Dit in verband met het vertrek van Peter van der Knaap per 1 september jl.  Informatie over de...

ICTCT Conference

On 28 and 29 October 2019 the ICTCT Conference will take place in online. The objective of the conference is to support the understanding and the execution of suitable approaches to move towards a... Read more

What makes a good team? - Towards the assessment of driver-vehicle cooperation

Published: 2021 (ACM): Petermeijer, S.M.; Tinga, A.M.; Reus, A. de; Jansen, R.J.; Waterschoot, B.M. van
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,HMI
With the introduction of driving automation, the driving task has become a shared task between driver and vehicle. Today, an increasing amount of driving tasks can be performed by the automation and...

Traffic conflicts involving speed-pedelecs (fast electric bicycles): A naturalistic riding study

Published: 2021 : Vlakveld, W.; Mons, C.; Kamphuis, K.; Stelling, A.; Twisk, D.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
Speed-pedelecs -fast electric bicycles offering pedal support up to a speed of 45 km/h- are a recent, environmentally friendly, and mobility efficient innovation. However, their high travel speed may...

LEVITATE: Road safety impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles

Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Other modes of traffic, Technology & ITS, International,
SWOV researchers Weijermars, Zwart and Mons coauthored the article 'Road safety impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles' for the EU-project LEVITATE.