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Introduction to searching the IRRD-database

Published: 1988 : Demmenie, J.F.

Night-time driving: the use of seat-belts and alcohol

Published: 1988 : Noordzij, P.C.; Meester, A.C.; Verschuur, W.L.G.


Published: 1988 (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen RUG, Verkeerskundig Studiecentrum): Kraay, J.H.

Orde en veiligheid in het verkeer.

Published: 1988 (SDU uitgeverij): Koornstra. M.J.

Road safety developments in European countries; A quantitative mathematical and theoretical analysis.

issn: 0347-6030
Published: 1988 (Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute VTI): Koornstra, M.J.

Road safety research in desert countries.

isbn: 90-232-2369-1
Published: 1988 (Van Gorcum): Schreuder, D.A.
Depending on the geographical location and the climatological situation, the rural areas in developing countries vary from dense jungles to deserts.The traffic situation varies accordingly. This...

State space models in road safety research.

Published: 1988 (Institute for Road Safety Research SWOV): Bijleveld, F.; Oppe, S.; Poppe, F.
The OECD-S1-group developed a conceptual framework to analyse the accident process. Three elements characterise the framework. This paper explores the dynamic aspects of the model with regard to...