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Rob Decae, MSc

Rob Decae, MSc, specializes in data processing, data analysis, ETL processes and model building. He graduated in tropical plant cultivation and plant physiology at the Agricultural University of...... Read more

Dr Michelle Doumen

Dr Michelle Doumen researches the fitness to drive of older road users with early dementia, behaviour in traffic, young drivers, and perception such as hazard perception, but also ‘lighting’. As a... Read more

Celina Mons, MSc

Celina Mons, MSc, doet onderzoek naar gedrag in het verkeer en is vooral betrokken bij projecten over de interactie tussen mensen en (deels) zelfrijdende voertuigen. 

Govert Schermers, ME

Govert Schermers, ME, is researcher and project manager and specializes in the fields of, among others, the safe system approach, road design, motorways, 80 and 60 km/h roads, and safe roadsides. He... Read more

Dr Wendy Weijermars

Dr Wendy Weijermars is research manager of the ‘Infrastructure and Traffic’ department and is involved in various research projects in this area. Over the past years, she was the responsible project... Read more

Dr Gert-Jan Wijlhuizen

Dr Gert Jan Wijlhuizen is a specialist in, among others, cycling safety (bicycle infrastructure, behaviour), public health and road safety, the elderly and injury consequences. Gert Jan coordinated... Read more

Dr Letty Aarts

Dr Letty Aarts is research manager of the ‘Data and Analysis for Policy’ department. She coordinates the research activities on road safety data such as the annual determination of the real number of... Read more

Niels Bos, MSc

Niels Bos, MSc, is SWOV specialist in the fields of data collection, data processing, data analysis, and knowledge systems. These concern crash data, exposure data and medical data and encoding, such... Read more

Michiel Christoph, MSc

Michiel Christoph, MSc, is involved in several European Naturalistic Driving projects. In the project INTERACTION he coordinated the field tests in seven European countries and in the project UDRIVE... Read more

Prof. Jacques Commandeur

Prof. Jacques Commandeur is specialized in the application of research methodology and statistics and in the education of these subjects. He has carried out different projects in the fields of, among... Read more