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An exploration of alternative intersection designs in the context of Safe System

Published: 2015 : Candappa, N.; Logan, D.; Nes, N. van; Corben, B.

Quantifying the influence of safe road systems and legal licensing age on road mortality among young adolescents: steps towards system thinking

Published: 2015 : Twisk, D.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Bos, N.; Shope, J.T.; Kok, G.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Risks, Policy,
Based on existing literature, a system thinking approach was used to set up a conceptual model on the interrelationships among the components influencing adolescent road mortality, distinguishing...

Speed choice and mental workload of elderly cyclists on e-bikes in simple and complex traffic situations: A field experiment

Published: 2015 : Vlakveld, W.P.; Twisk, D.; Christoph, M.; Boele, M.; Sikkema, R.; Remij, R.; Schwab, A.L.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
To study the speed choice and mental workload of elderly cyclists on electrical assisted bicycles (e-bikes) in simple and complex traffic situations compared to these on conventional bicycles, a...

The effects of cyclists present at rural intersections on speed behavior and workload of car drivers: A driving simulator study

Published: 2015 : Duivenvoorden, K.; Hogema, J.; Hagenzieker, M.; Wegman, F.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
Objective The objective was to gain insight into how the number of cyclists, the cyclist's approach direction, and the cyclist's action affect the speed and mental workload of drivers approaching...