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Data protection at SWOV: ISO certification and GDPR

SWOV is very keen on carefully handling information to properly carry out its work and to fulfil its mission. That is why SWOV has been certified since September 2019 according to the standards...... Read more

Financial summary 2018

SWOV is a non-profit organization. After a number of years with positive results, 2018 closed with a negative operational result, as did 2017, which for 2018 amounts to € 138K. This is mainly a...... Read more

Scientific Advisory Board (WAR)

The task of the Scientific Advisory Board (WAR) is to advise SWOV's supervisors and managing director and to consequently improve the quality of the research. The members of the WAR represent... Read... Read more

Supervisory board (RvT)

The Board of Supervisors (RvT) determines the SWOV strategy and also decides on the following: budgets,financial reports, applications for grant of the target subsidy, multiannual financial plans and... Read more

Annual report 2018

In 2018, the second update of the vision of Sustainable Safety which involved a lot of hard work in recent years, was finalized and published: ‘‘3rd edition of Sustainable Safety”. SWOV also... Read... Read more


Research is teamwork: SWOV looks to establish connections by aligning itself with the interests of those involved and by opting for socially-oriented research topics. A large part of the SWOV... Read... Read more

Facts & figures

SWOV's knowledge is public and is shared with whoever can use this knowledge professionally. The SWOV-website is becoming more and more important for knowledge dissemination. Facts & Figures on... Read more


SWOV does not only carry out research for clients in the Netherlands, but also operates on an international level. Together with European partners, SWOV often participates in EU-projects in the field... Read more

Special announcements

On September 22, 2018, prof. Eric Asmussen, director at SWOV since the start in 1962 up to and including 1985, passed away. Mr. Asmussen meant a lot to the institute and SWOV will therefore always... Read more

Personnel & organization

SWOV offers a healthy research climate and an open and collegial working atmosphere. The researchers are from various academic backgrounds, such as physics, mathematics, psychology, sociology,...... Read more