European Sight Distances in perspective - EUSight: Scenario report

Deliverable 3.1 of CEDR Call 2013: Safety


Stuiver, A.; Hogema, J.; Broeren, P.; Schermers, G.; Barrell, J.; Weber, R.




Part of the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2013: Safety is the research project European Sight Distances in perspective – EUSight. The objective of this research project is to conduct a detailed examination of the subject of stopping sight distance (SSD) and its role and impact on highway geometric design of divided highways or motorway situations, taking into account differences (and similarities) between EU Member States.

Sight distance (SD) means the unobstructed visibility that is needed to be able to safely and comfortably perform the driving task and to avoid conflicts or collisions with obstacles or other road users. Stopping sight distance (SDD) means the distance over which a driver needs to be able to overlook the road to recognize a hazard on the road and stop his vehicle in time.

This report describes the result of Work package 3 of the EUSight project. Using the results of the literature review carried out in WP2, a qualitative framework is defined, covering the most important parameters. This framework takes into account all relations between the parameters as well as the different internal and external conditions related to SDD. The framework will be used in the parameter study (WP4) and in the selection of representative parameter values (WP6) to determine the prevalent conditions for SSD and SD. Since there are too many different combinations of conditions possible, we identify best case, worst case and guideline cases for consideration (instead of defining scenarios).

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CEDR, Brussels