Country Report The Netherlands - Recent developments in road design practices, the influence of road safety policy and future direction


Moning, H.; Vliet, P. van; Schepers, P.; Loon, A. van; Schermers, G.; Boender, J.




This report provides an overview of the most significant developments in the area of road (geometric) design practices and standards and related research in the Netherlands in recent years. The paper has a specific emphasis on the relationship between geometric design and road safety and provides insights into developments in the Netherlands over the past five years.

Rijkswaterstaat has the responsibility for managing the national road and water networks. Since the last symposium in 2010 and during which the Netherlands also presented a country paper, Rijkswaterstaat has implemented the EU Directive on road safety management. In collaboration with organisations such as CROW and the SWOV, Rijkswaterstaat has developed and implemented work processes and procedures to ensure that the quality of road design and traffic management is optimised.

This paper provides an overview of the most significant developments in the area of geometric design and road safety in the Netherlands in the past five years and elaborates on the following subjects:

  • Implementation and evaluation of the EU Directive on road safety infrastructure management
  • Developments regarding new road design and related guidelines
  • Developments regarding motorway safety and management in the Netherlands
  • Developments regarding bicycle facilities

The paper closes with an overview of future developments and their possible impact on road design practices in the Netherlands.

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Published in

Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design, 22-24 June 2015, Vancouver, Canada