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Themadossier verkeersveiligheid nr. 12: Jongeren (15-24 jaar)

Publication/report 2017-T-04-NL
Published: 2018 (Vias institute - Kenniscentrum Verkeersveiligheid): Goldenbeld, C.; Nuyttens, N.; Temmerman, T.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Education,
Problematiek en oorzaken In het decennium 2006-2015 verloren meer dan 52.000 jongeren (18-24 jaar) het leven in het verkeer. Dit is 16% van alle verkeersdoden in de EU (EC, 2017a). Het aantal... Read... Read more

Human factor guidelines for the design of safe in-car traffic information services

Published: 2016 (Smart Mobility Round Table Human Behaviour): Kroon, E.C.M.; Martens, M.H.; Brookhuis, K.A.; Hagenzieker, M.P.; Alferdinck, J.W.A.M.; Harms, I.M.; Hof, T.
Tags: Technology & ITS,

Cyclists’ predictions of what a car driver will do next at intersections

Published: 2017 : Kovácsová, N.; Winter, J. de; Hagenzieker, M.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Passenger car, Human behaviour in traffic,

Validity and reliability of a pc-based cycle test to measure higher order skills in 11 to 13 tear olds

Published: 2017 : Witvoet, J.; Wesseling, S.; Vlakveld, W.; Vissers, J.; Hegeman, G.; Hukker; N.; Roelofs, E.; Twisk, D.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Human behaviour in traffic,

MeBeSafe: Infrastructure & car based nudges to improve cyclist safety

Published: 2017 : Twisk, D.; Hair-Buijssen, S. de
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Human behaviour in traffic,

Determinants of road traffic safety: New evidence from Australia using state-space analysis

Published: 2016 : Nghiem, S.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Connelly, L.B.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Risks, Policy,
This paper examines the determinants of road traffic crash fatalities in Queensland for the period 1958–2007 using a state-space time-series model. In particular, we investigate the effects of...

Setting road safety targets in Cambodia: A methodological demonstration using the latent risk time series model

Published: 2017 : Commandeur, J.J.F.; Wesemann, P.; Bijleveld, F.; Choun, V.; Sann, S.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, International,
We present the methodology used for estimating forecasts for the number of road traffic fatalities in 2011–2020 in Cambodia based on observed developments in Cambodian road traffic fatalities and...

Forecasting the number of road traffic fatalities in Greece

Published: 2017 : Antoniou, C., Yannis,G., Papadimitriou, E., Lassarre, S., Commandeur, J.J.F., Bijleveld, F. & Dupont E.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, International,
The objective of this research is the modelling and forecasting of road traffic fatalities in Greece for the period 2011-2020 by means of structural time series models. A dedicated methodology is...

Vervanging en verkeersveiligheid

Published: 2016 : Goldenbeld, Ch.; Dijkstra, A.; Aarts, L.; Schermers, G.

Verkeersveilige weginrichting: wet of richtlijn?

Published: 2016 : Wijnen, W.; Bax, Ch.; Vissers, L.; Schagen, I. van
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy,