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Extending the road safety research and development capacity in Morocco

Publication/report R-2015-7
Published: 2015 (SWOV): Schermers, G.; Hagenzieker, M.; Vliet, A. van; Hengel, J. ten
Tags: Policy, International,traffic
During the Moroccan trade mission to the Netherlands in March 2013, a delegation of the Moroccan Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the National Committee for the Prevention of Road Traffic...

Tamara Hoekstra, MSc

Tamara Hoekstra, MSc, doet onderzoek naar onder meer interactie tussen kwetsbare en minder kwetsbare weggebruikers, het beïnvloeden van verkeersgedrag met educatie en voorlichting, subjectieve...

Govert Schermers, ME

Govert Schermers, ME, is researcher and project manager and specializes in the fields of, among others, the safe system approach, road design, motorways, 80 and 60 km/h roads, and safe roadsides. He... Read more

Robert Louwerse, MSc

Robert Louwerse, MSc, is a specialist in the field of in-depth research into road crashes, agricultural traffic and the relationship between road design and road safety. Robert is also a qualified... Read more

Jan Hendrik van Petegem, MSc

Jan Hendrik van Petegem, MSc, focuses on the development of practical knowledge about the relation between road design and road safety. His main topics of interest are Accident Prediction Modelling... Read more

Ingrid van Schagen, MSc

Ingrid van Schagen, MSc, is researcher and project manager and involved in many activities in the field of traffic behaviour and traffic behaviour modification. Aspects she focuses on are, for...... Read more

Dr Wendy Weijermars

Dr Wendy Weijermars is research manager of the ‘Infrastructure and Traffic’ department and is involved in various research projects in this area. Wendy is also internationally active. She is part of... Read more

Prof. dr. Nicole van Nes

Prof. dr. Nicole van Nes is research manager of the department ‘Human Factors in Vehicle Automation’; she is leading the research on safety in the transition to the autonomous vehicle. This research... Read more

Dr Gert-Jan Wijlhuizen

Dr Gert Jan Wijlhuizen is a specialist in, among others, cycling safety (bicycle infrastructure, behaviour), public health and road safety, the elderly and injury consequences. Gert Jan coordinated... Read more

Dr Agnieszka Stelling

Dr Agnieszka Stelling is an expert in road user behaviour, especially distraction in traffic, behaviour of speed pedelec-riders and the role of auditory information in risk perception. As a... Read... Read more