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Ongevallen met bussen

Publication/report D-2003-14
Published: 2004 (SWOV): Davidse, Drs. R.J.; Mesken, drs. J.; Schoon, ing. C.C.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Passenger car, Freight and delivery traffic, Risks, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic,bus
Dit rapport doet verslag van een onderzoek naar ongevallen met bussen. Hierin is gekeken naar ongevallen met bussen van Connexxion die plaatsvonden in de periode 1999-2002. Er is allereerst een...... Read more

State of the art with respect to implementation of daytime running lights

Publication/report R-2003-28
Published: 2004 (SWOV): Commandeur, Jacques
Tags: Transport mode, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic, Policy, Enforcement, Education, Road safety in numbers, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, International,dipped headlight
This report is part of the documentation of a project funded by the European Commission, designed to assess the effects of Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and possible strategies for implementing the...

Fewer crashes and fewer casualties by safer roads

Publication/report D-2003-11
Published: 2004 (SWOV): Wegman, Fred
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement, Education, Risks, Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Policy, International, Other modes of traffic,accident...
Human errors play a vital role in road crashes. This presentation deals with the prevention of human errors by proper road planning, road design and improving existing roads (reconstruction/...