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Final project report

Published: 2018 (European Commission): Thomas, P.; Talbot, R.; Filtness, A.; Papadimitriou, E.; Yannis, G.; Martensen, H.; Van den Berghe, W.; Kaiser, S.; Aigner-Breuss, E.; Machata, K.; Weijermars, W.; Hermitte, T.; Chajmowicz, H.; Leopold, F.; Thompson, R.
Tags: Policy, International,
Safety CaUsation, Benefits and Efficiency (SafetyCube) was a European Commission supported Horizon 2020 project running from May 2015 to April 2018. Its main objective was to develop an innovative...

Driver testing

Published: 1999 (Schweizerische Beratungsstelle für Unfallverhütung BfU): Goldenbeld, C.; Baughan, C.J.; Hatakka, M.

Using naturalistic data to study time headway behind motorcycles and other vehicles

Published: 2019 : Winkelbauer, M; Donabauer, M.; Pommer, A.; Jansen, R.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic, International,
Roughly 10% of motorcycle accidents in Austria are rear-end collisions. One explanatory factor for this could be short time headway, hence this research project. Naturalistic research provides a...

Updated estimates of the relationship between speed and road safety at the aggregate and individual levels

Published: 2019 : Elvik, R.; Vadeby, A.; Hels, T.; Schagen, I. van
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks,
Recent studies of the relationship between the speed of traffic and road safety, stated as the number of fatalities and the number of injury accidents, are reviewed and their results synthesised by... Read more

Effectiveness of low speed autonomous emergency braking in real-world rear-end crashes

Published: 2015 : Fildes, B.; Keall, M.; Bos, N.; Lie, A.; Page, Y.; Pastor, C.; Pennisi, L.; Rizzi, M.; Thomas, P.; Tingvall, C.
Tags: Risks, Technology & ITS,
This study set out to evaluate the effectiveness of low speed autonomous emergency braking (AEB) technology in current model passenger vehicles, based on real-world crash experience. The validating...

Veilige verplaatsingen voor ouderen

Published: 2018 : Dijkstra, A.
Tags: Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
Deze bijdrage gaat in op een onderzoek dat was bedoeld om na te gaan welke kenmerken van het verkeerssysteem de onveiligheid van ouderen in het verkeer kunnen beïnvloeden. Ook de mate waarin de...... Read more

De rol van infrastructuur bij ongevallen op rijkswegen

Published: 2018 : Louwerse, R.; Davidse, R.; Duijvenvoorde, K. van
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Risks, Infrastructure,
Op verzoek van Rijkswaterstaat heeft SWOV alle dodelijke ongevallen onderzocht die in 2016 op rijkswegen plaatsvonden. Deze paper is een korte samenvatting van dit onderzoek, met de focus op de rol... Read more

The potential of naturalistic driving for in-depth understanding of driver behavior: UDRIVE results and beyond

Published: 2019 : Nes, N. van; Bärgman, J.; Christoph, M.; Schagen, I. van
Tags: Transport mode, Powered two-wheeler, Passenger car, Freight and delivery traffic, Risks, Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Within the UDRIVE project, a rich cross-European naturalistic driving database was created which includes everyday driving data on car and truck drivers and powered two-wheeler riders. The database...

Obstakelvrije zone of geleiderails langs autosnelwegen?

Published: 2018 : Louwerse, R.; Petegem, J.H. van
Tags: Infrastructure,
Om het aantal verkeersdoden op rijkswegen te verminderen wil Rijkswaterstaat de veiligheid van de bermen langs autosnelwegen verbeteren. De Richtlijnen voor het Ontwerp van Autosnelwegen – Veilige... Read more