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An analysis of official road crash cost estimates in European countries

Published: 2019 : Wijnen, W.; Weijermars, W.; Schoeters, A.; Van den Berghe, W.; Bauer, R.; Carnis, L.; Elvik, R.; Martensen, H.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, International,
This paper gives an overview of official monetary valuations of the prevention of road crashes, road fatalities and injuries in 31 European countries. The values have been made comparable by...

A conceptual model for persuasive in-vehicle technology to influence tactical level driver behaviour

Published: 2019 : Gent, P. van; Farah, H.; Nes, N. van; Arem, B. van
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Persuasive in-vehicle systems aim to intuitively influence the attitudes and/or behaviour of a driver (i.e. without forcing them). However, the challenge in using these systems in a driving setting... Read more

The effects of using mobile phones and navigation systems during driving

Published: 2018 (SWOV): Knapper, A.
Tags: Risks, Technology & ITS,

Scootmobielongevallen: Hoe ontstaan ze en hoe zijn ze te voorkomen?

Publication/report R-2018-15
Published: 2018 (SWOV): Davidse, R.; Duijvenvoorde, K. van; Louwerse, R.; Boele-Vos, M.; Stelling, A.; Algera, A.J.
Tags: Transport mode, Other modes of traffic, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,Mobility (pers); disabled person; road user; behaviour; urban area; in depth; method; interview; evaluation (...
Het SWOV-team voor diepteonderzoek heeft 35 scootmobielongevallen bestudeerd die op de openbare weg plaatsvonden. Deze ongevallen zijn samen te vatten in 4 subtypen met een bijbehorend ‘prototypisch... Read more

Ernstig verkeersgewonden 2017

Publication/report R-2018-18
Published: 2018 (SWOV): Bos, N.M.; Bijleveld, F.D.; Temürhan, M.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Moore, K.; Aarts, L.T.; Stipdonk, H.L.
Tags: Road safety in numbers,
Nog steeds meer dan 20.000 ernstig verkeersgewonden per jaar In 2017 vielen er naar schatting 20.800 ernstig verkeersgewonden. Dit zijn er ongeveer 600 minder dan in 2016. Gezien de onzekerheid in... Read more

Higher-order cycling skills among 11- to 13-year-old cyclists and relationships with cycling experience, risky behavior, crashes and self-assessed skill

Published: 2018 : Twisk, D.; Wesseling, S.; Vlakveld, W.; Vissers, J.; Hegeman, G.; Hukker, N; Roelofs, E.; Slinger, W.
Introduction In the Netherlands, young cyclists are extremely vulnerable in traffic, which may partly be due to their still underdeveloped higher-order cycling skill. So far, knowledge on their...

The MMSE should not be the sole indicator of fitness to drive in mild Alzheimer’s dementia

Published: 2018 : Piersma, D.; Fuermaier, A.B.M.; Waard, D. de; De Deyn, P.P.; Davidse, R.J.; Groot, J. de; Doumen, M.J.A.; Bredewoud, R.A.; Claesen, R.; Lemstra, A.W.; Vermeeren, A.; Ponds, R.; Verhey, F.; Brouwer, W.H.; Tucha, O.
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
Since Alzheimer’s disease may affect driving performance, patients with Alzheimer’s disease are assessed on fitness to drive. On-road driving assessments are widely used, and attempts have also been...

Multi-level driver workload prediction using machine learning and off-the-shelf sensors

Published: 2018 : Gent, P. van; Melman, T.; Farah, H.; Nes, N. van; Arem, B. van
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
The present study aims to add to the literature on driver workload prediction using machine learning methods. The main aim is to develop workload prediction on a multi-level basis, rather than a...

Cycling safe and sound

Published: 2018 (SWOV): Stelling-Kończak, A.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,

Do road user roles serve as social identities? Differences between self-described cyclists and car drivers

Published: 2018 : Hoekstra, A.T.G; Twisk, D.A.M.; Hagenzieker, M.P.
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic,
Research in different domains has shown that people categorize oneself and others as ingroup ("us") and outgroup ("them") members, resulting in group-based stereotyping and attribution errors that...