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Red light cameras revisited. Recent evidence on red light camera safety effects

Published: 2019 : Goldenbeld, C.; Daniels, S.; Schermers, G.
Tags: Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
The aim of this paper is to update the most recent published evidence on road safety estimates of recent red light camera (RLC) and speed/red light camera studies (SRLC). A literature search was...

Interactions between cyclists and automated vehicles: Results of a photo experiment

Published: 2019 : Hagenzieker, M.; Kint, S. van der; Vissers, L.; Schagen, I. van; Bruin, J. de; Gent, P. van; Commandeur, J.J.F.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Cyclists may have incorrect expectations of the behaviour of automated vehicles in interactions with them, which could bring extra risks in traffic. This study investigated whether expectations and...

Evaluatie buurtacties in 30km/uur-straten

Publication/report R-2019-4
Published: 2019 (SWOV): Bax, C.; Goldenbeld, C.; Petegem, J.W.H. van; Mons, C.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Hoekstra, T.; Tuijp, I.
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement,Road safety; residents actions; civil road safety actions; subjective safety; 30 km/h; effectiveness; speed violation
In 30km/uur-zones vielen in 2015 40 verkeersdoden (ANWB, 2017). Ook rijden automobilisten in 30km/uur-zones regelmatig te hard (SWOV, 2018). Bovendien voelen mensen zich onveiliger wanneer... Read... Read more

Het effect van buurtacties in 30km/uur-straten van vijf gemeenten

Published: 2019 (CROW): Bax, C.; Goldenbeld, C.; Petegem, J.H. van; Mons, C.; Commandeur, J.; Hoekstra, T.; Tuijp, I.
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic,
Dit onderzoek bekeek het effect van buurtacties op gereden snelheden en op verkeersveiligheidsgevoelens van bewoners in vijf 30km/uur-straten. De buurtacties bestonden bijvoorbeeld uit... Read more

A quasi-experimental, longitudinal evaluation of a school-based bicycle helmet campaign for children aged 4-8 years in the Netherlands

Published: 2019 : Boele-Vos, M.J.; Goldenbeld, C.; Strijp-Houtenbos, M. van; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Twisk, D.A.M.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks, Education,
Head injury severity may be reduced by a helmet, however, helmets are not mandatory in the Netherlands. Yet public support for voluntary use of helmets for children is high. This study evaluated the...

Road categorisation and design of self explaining roads

Published: 2006 (European Commission): Matena, S.; Weber, R; Louwerse, W.; Drolenga, H.; Vaneerdewegh, P.; Pokorny, P.; Gaitanidou, L.; Hollo, P.; Moksari, T.; Elvik, R.; Cardoso, J.
Tags: Infrastructure, International,

Accident prediction models and road safety impact assessment: results of the pilot studies

Published: 2007 (European Commission): Eenink, R.; Reurings, M.; Elvik, R.; Cardoso, J.; Wichert, S.; Stefan, C.
Tags: Infrastructure, International,

Assessment of the Action Plan and of regional instruments

Published: 2018 (European Commission): Mignot, D.; Carnis, L.; Adoléhoumé, A.; Aketch, S.; Anthony, E.; Etienne, V.; Fernandez, E.; Lassarre, S.; Remacle, E.; Sanon, C.; Schermers, G.; Usami, D.-S.; Welsh, R.; Wismans, J.; Yerpez, J.; Zagre, T.; Zammataro, S.
Tags: Policy, International,
According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 of WHO (WHO, 2015), “road traffic injuries claim more than 1.2 million lives each year and have a huge impact on health and development”....

A preliminary analysis of in-depth accident data for powered two-wheelers and bicycles in Europe

Published: 2018 : Ziakopoulos, A.; Theofilatos, A.; Yannis, G.; Margaritis, D.; Thomas, P.; Morris, A.; Brown, L.; Robibaro, M.; Usami, D.; Phan, V.; Davidse, R.; Buttler, I.
Tags: Transport mode, Powered two-wheeler, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic, International,
Despite progress from scientific and technological advancements, road safety remains a major issue worldwide. Road accident impacts such as fatalities, injuries and property damage consist...