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The influence of environmental factors on speed choice

Published: 2011 (IEEE Technology Centre GmbH): Aarts, L.; Brandenburg, S.; Nes, N. van
Speed and homogeneity of speed are important factors for safe and sustainable traffic. Lower speeds and more homogeneous speeds are safer and cause less pollution. Speed behavior is influenced by...

Peer distraction: an experiment to assess impact on adolescent and adult cyclists’ hazard perception

Published: 2019 : Geus, E. de; Vlakveld, W.P.; Twisk, D.A.M.
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic,
To contribute to the understanding of the vulnerability of young adolescent cyclists, ages 12–14 years, this experiment compared adolescent and adult cyclists on the effects of distraction on hazard...

The expenditure on preventing road casualties

Published: 2011 : Wijnen, W.
Tags: Road safety in numbers,
Improving road safety means that money must be spent on the prevention of road crashes and injuries. This expenditure gives an indication of the efforts spent on improving road safety and how these...


Published: 2018 (SWOV): SWOV; Fietsersbond; VVN
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, laat van alle Nederlandse gemeenten cijfers zien over verkeersveiligheid. Het gaat hierbij om cijfers over verkeersdoden, maar ook over (fiets)infrastructuur en...... Read more

Veilig onderweg met de auto

Published: 2019 (SWOV): SWOV; RAI
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Technology & ITS,
'Een wonder van techniek is het, de moderne personenauto'. Dat waren de openingswoorden van 'Auto’s om veilig mee thuis te komen', een publicatie van SWOV uit 2005. Hierin stond de veiligheid van...... Read more

Benchmarking van verkeersveiligheid

Published: 2017 : Bax, C.; Aarts, L.
Tags: Policy,

Verkeersveiligheidsvergelijker – juli 2019

Publication/report R-2019-16
Published: 2019 (SWOV): Bax, C.A.; Mons, C.; Kamminga, J.; Kamphuis, A.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,Benchmarking; traffic; safety; urban area; local authority; region; policy; evaluation (assessment); decision process; indicator; database; data processing; Netherlands...
De Verkeersveiligheidsvergelijker is een webtool waarmee gemeenten kunnen bekijken hoe verkeersveilig zij zijn ten opzichte van andere gemeenten. Dit rapport geeft informatie over welke indicatoren... Read more

Topic analysis of Road safety inspections using latent dirichlet allocation: A case study of roadside safety in Irish main roads

Published: 2019 : Roque, C.; Cardoso, J.L.; Connell, T.; Schermers, G; Weber, R.
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy, International,
Under the Safe System framework, Road Authorities have a responsibility to deliver inherently safe roads and streets. Addressing this problem depends on knowledge of the road network safety...