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A different perspective on conspicuity related motorcycle crashes

Published: 2014 : Craen, S. de; Doumen, M.J.A.; Norden, Y. van
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Powered two-wheeler, Risks,

Monitoring speed before and during a speed publicity campaign

Published: 2016 : Schagen, I. van; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Goldenbeld, C.; Stipdonk, H.
Tags: Risks, Enforcement,
Driving speeds were monitored during a period of 16 weeks encompassing different stages of an anti-speeding campaign in the Netherlands. This campaign targeted speed limit violations in built-up...

Speed and speed management

21 Nov 2016
Tags: Risks,
Many drivers– Intentionally or unintentionally –  go too fast: faster than the speed limit, or too fast for specific conditions such as fog or rush hour volumes. At higher driving speeds the braking... Read more

Practical guidelines for assessing the effects of drink driving interventions - Advice for road safety professionals in middle and low income countries

Published: 2016 (The International Alliance for Responsible Drinking IARD): Schagen, I. van; Houwing, S.
Tags: Risks, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, International,
Road traffic crashes are one of the main causes of injury and death worldwide. It is widely known that impairment by alcohol is an important factor in causing crashes and in worsening the...

Beïnvloeding van snelheidsgedrag door nudging

Publication/report R-2016-10
Published: 2016 (SWOV): Goldenbeld, Ch.; Groot-Mesken, J. de; Rijsdijk, H.A.
Tags: Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement,urban area
Snelheid is een belangrijke risicofactor in het verkeer. Metingen binnen de bebouwde kom op 30- en 50km/uur-wegen laten zien dat het percentage snelheidsovertreders op deze wegen groot is. In... Read... Read more

Zware alcoholovertreders in het verkeer

Publication/report R-2016-12
Published: 2016 (SWOV): Goldenbeld, Ch.; Blom, M.; Houwing, S.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement,alcohol
Wereldwijd vormt het rijden onder invloed van alcohol een groot en hardnekkig probleem voor de verkeersveiligheid. Dat geldt ook voor Nederland: het rijden onder invloed in het verkeer is in de...... Read more

Riding performance on a conventional bicycle and a pedelec in low speed exercises: Objective and subjective evaluation of middle-aged and older persons

Published: 2016 : Kovácsová, N.; Winter, J.C.F. de; Schwab, A.L.; Christoph, M.; Twisk, D.A.M.; Hagenzieker, M.P.
This study investigated cycling performance of middle-aged (30–45 years old; n = 30) versus older (65+ years; n = 31) participants during low-speed tasks for which stabilization skills are known to...

Het Interpolis Auto Experiment

Publication/report R-2015-14
Published: 2016 (SWOV): Groot-Mesken, J. de; Vlakveld, W.P.
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic, Education,adolescent
Interpolis heeft SWOV gevraagd het effect van drie trainingen te onder­zoeken die zijn gericht op de verkeersveiligheid van jonge automobilisten. Deze trainingen hadden ongeveer dezelfde leerdoelen... Read more

Auditory localisation of conventional and electric cars: laboratory results and implications for cycling safety

Published: 2016 : Stelling-Konczak, A.; Hagenzieker, M.; Commandeur, J.J.F.; Agterberg, M.J.H.; Wee, G.P. van
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Passenger car, Human behaviour in traffic,Sounds
When driven at low speeds, cars operating in electric mode have been found to be quieter than conventional cars. As a result, the auditory cues which pedestrians and cyclists use to assess the...

Bicycling under the influence of alcohol

Published: 2016 : Waard, D. de; Houwing, S.; Lewis Evans, B.; Twisk, D.; Brookhuis, K.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks,
Objective According to international data estimates the proportion bicyclists with a positive Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) who are involved in accidents ranges from 15% to 57%. This large...